Building the Bat Car

Mounting and fitting of Gas Tank


  1. Fabrication and mounting of the bat fins.

  2. Engine Cover and hinge mounting

  3. Complete re wiring

  4. Fabrication of steel windshield frame

  5. Fabrication and construction of Convertible  Top

  6. Fabrication of back window

  7. Fabrication of Front Beam support structure

  8. Fabrication of Gull Wing Doors

  9. Constructing retractable Headlights

  10. Mounting and fitting of front turn signal lights

  11. Mounting and fitting of Gas Tank

  12. Fabrication and installation of side scoops

  13. Fabrication of a 2"body lift

Mounting and fitting of Gas Tank

The tank was out of the car when I got it. I decided to put a center mount fuel filler neck and cap from a Triumph TR-3. I welded shut the side filler tube and cut a hole in the top center of the tank and re welded the filler tube in the center. (always fill the tank with water when welding on a gas tank - DUH). I fabricated a gas tank mount like I had seen used on the Bradley's and bolted it in to the sides and the fiberglass body at the front center.

I made a rotisserie to spin the tank. It was full of rust so I bought a POR 15 Fuel Tank Repair Kit from Eastwood and completely re-did my tank and used the epoxy seal inside. Great Stuff!

I remounted the gas tank and bolted two vertical straps bolted to the top and to the mount I had made. I threaded the holes in the mount to fit 1/4 -20 bolts. It works just fine. I added a VDO fuel sending unit into the tank and attached the filler cap and spout with hose clamps and 1 1/2" fuel hose.